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We know cheer and dance can be costly. We offer the following discounts to make our programs accessible to all! 

Refer a Friend

Tell a friend about Dream and receive a $100 credit when they join our full-year program. If you are not currently a member of our program but are joining with a friend, you may split the $100 credit.


Group Rates

Planning to live the Dream? Join with your friends and save! The more friends you join with the more you save:

- 3 new Dreamers: save 10% on tuition

- 4 new Dreamers: save 25% on tuition

- 5 new Dreamers: save 40% tuition


Sibling Discount

If you have two or more athletes in our program, you receive 50% off the 2nd (and every successive) athlete’s tuition.


Level 6 Tumbling Discount

Have an athlete with a two-to-full, running full, and jump to back? S/he will cheer TUITION FREE for the first two months, and then receive 50% off tuition for the remainder of the season.


Pay in Full Discount

Pay your entire program cost upfront and receive 10% off tuition (due by 1st practice).

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