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Dream All-Stars


“Dream Allstars is an organization predicated on the belief that the greatest value of sports lies within its ability to enhance the character, self-esteem, and physical well-being of its participants. While advocating the honorable pursuit of victory, Dream Allstars is dedicated to the creation of a sports environment that promotes and protects each of its athletes. Dream Allstars is unwavering in its commitment to excellence and has designed a program intended to produce athletes of unparalleled skills, and young men and women with unequaled character and spirit.”

Dream Allstars was formed by Andrea Needle, a mother of two (and later three) young cheerleaders who wanted an experience for her children that would teach them sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence, and values.


20 years later, we stand by our Mission Statement. We want to excel, but we also want to create a safe space for our athletes and foster a family environment where each athlete will develop not only elite skills, but, more importantly, excellent character.


When we say we’re “Living the Dream,” we mean it! Our athletes and families come back year after year not only for top tier training, but for the Dream FAMILY. In addition to team dinners and team bonding events, we host a variety of fun additional activities to build our community. 


Our families are made up of people who: 

  • love cheer and dance;

  • want to be a part of a team where the sum of the parts is greater than the individual;

  • want to be part of an even larger family;

  • want to win but recognize that the experience is as much the journey as the result.


Our Facility

Our 10,000 sqft facility is fully equipped with two full spring floors, additional dead mat strips, a 50ft tumble track, and a host of tumbling mats. We also have a dance studio and full functioning gym that enhances our athletes’ training experience.

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