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Congratulations to Axel Rios Lopez (Eternity), our cheerleader of the month!
Axel has been a real revelation since arriving at Dream last year. His tireless effort and general enthusiasm has never been on display as much as it is this summer. He is constantly in the gym working hard and also helping others. (In fact, as we write this, he is in here now doing extra stunting practice!) In just a short period he has added a number of new tumbling skills to his already impressive level five arsenal and has cemented himself as a crucial part of everything we hope Eternity will be in the upcoming season. Thank you for being such a positive teammate and role model in the gym Axel!

Congratulations to Mia Casey (Vivid/Radiance), our cheerleader of the month!
Mia is an athlete that has given her all and more to so many teams at Dream over the years. We can’t remember a season when Mia wasn’t an integral part of two squads at the same time. That she has done it through injury and challenges makes it all the more amazing. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to sacrifice in order to help her teammates shine. This past spring she has doubled her efforts at refining and expanding her skills and every time we turn around it seems like she is in the gym. At her heart, and that kid has a lot of heart, she is the kind of athlete that you always want to build your team with: The ultimate teammate. Thank you for always working hard and never getting discouraged and being there for your teammates Mia!

Congratulations to Emerson Noble (Vivid), our cheerleader of the month!
Emerson is the proud owner of some of the best facials in the entire gym and her very presence can light up an entire routine. She is often the youngest and smallest member of her team, yet she more than holds her own with the older athletes, with a dazzling display of natural athleticism and quiet determination. Just in this past season it has been amazing to watch her mature as a more well rounded cheerleader and really up her game in all aspects. She has been a rock solid presence in the air and someone you can depend on in the crunch. She also knows just the right time to giggle up a storm and when to put on her serious face in practice. Emerson has also been a huge help for other teams when called upon and has leant a hand to squads at all levels when needed, from our lower level teams to practicing with our Worlds team. When you put her in, she makes it work, and does so with a huge smile. Never stop smiling Emerson!

Congratulations to Justin Hall (Eternity/Vivid), our cheerleader of the month!
Justin is a constant presence in the gym and a day rarely goes by when he doesn’t seem to be in here helping a team or working on his skills. As a bedrock member of of our Worlds team, Justin is crucial to the success of the gym, but he is also happy to step in where needed on any squad, at any level, and at any time. He is always pushing himself to maximize his abilities and he never stops trying to add something new to his tumbling arsenal. Justin is also a big voice on every team he joins, both in coaching his fellow bases, or in making his flyers feel secure. He truly wants every team to be the best that they can be and does everything in his power to help make that happen. Never stop pushing for the best Justin!

Congratulations to Makayla Sterner (Vivid/Radiance), our cheerleader of the month! Makayla is one of those kids that always seems to be in the gym as we are turning off the lights each night and then walking back in the next afternoon ready for more. She is a tireless worker and great teammate who is constantly pushing herself while supporting others. Makayla can always be counted on to jump in wherever needed and also brings an infectious personality to the gym and knows just the right moment to be goofy and when to be serious. We already knew all of that about Makayla though. What has made this season so different is how she pushed through the Fall clearly not feeling like herself, only to discover that she needed brain surgery. We all love Makayla here and were sad that her season would be ending but hopeful that this would be the treatment she needed, and we knew that she would bounce back more quickly than the average athlete. What we couldn’t possibly have imagined is that Makayla would not only recover quickly, but be back here in the gym competing on two teams and not missing a beat! That kid amazes us each and every day, but never more than now. Never stop smiling Makayla!

Congratulations to Willie Toland (Radiance), our cheerleader of the month! Willie has done nothing but impress all of the coaches here at Dream, from the first moment that he stepped on the floor. It is rare to see an athlete finding their way to cheer at Willie’s age, without a gymnastics background, yet Willie has thrown himself into it completely, approaching every practice as an opportunity to learn and improve. He listens intently, gives 110%, and never gets discouraged. It is those qualities that have allowed him to advance from being a completely raw athlete to a major asset on our senior level two squad. He even jumped in helping out on our level three team recently, and more than held his own in a stunt group. His work ethic and dedication would make him an asset on any team, but he also brings a wonderful personality to the table that just makes everyone a little bit happier. Mix in his shy smile and humble nature and you can see why we have all been so thrilled to have him join us here at Dream. Congratulations Willie! Keep up the hard work!

Congratulations to Karen Gottlieb (Eternity), our cheerleader of the month! Karen is a true example of hard work paying off. She is consistently in the gym for weekly private lessons and her commitment to improvement has seen her grow from a level 2 athlete when she joined us to a level 5 athlete with impressive speed. She is both a beautiful flyer and an amazing tumbler making her an all around great cheerleader (and one of our most valuable elite athletes). In addition to her skill, Karen can be counted as one of our most reliable athletes in terms of attendance and being everywhere on time (with her hair and make up done exactly as instructed… we love that!). Karen turned in a beautiful 2016-17 season debut performance last month at competition, hitting an extremely difficult opening stunt and landing multiple elite tumbling skills. She is definitely a “go to” athlete for the coaches when they need something difficult executed. Skill aside, Karen is also known — and appreciated — for her dramatic facial expressions and random dancing at practice, both of which make everyone laugh each week. Congratulations, again!

Our cheerleader of the month is Elise Nikitina (Radiance)! Elise joined the Dream family last year as a member of our junior 1 team, working her way up from a cartwheel. This year, Elise has continued to work extremely hard, with quiet dedication, both at practice and by availing herself of extra tumbling instruction. Her efforts have resulted in mastery of her back handspring which is a huge milestone for every cheerleader. She has tackled level 2 basing skills with great determination and has progressed so much that she is an integral part of the entire routine, and a very dependable stunter and athlete. Elise, though seemingly quiet, has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh all the time! We are so proud of how far she has come and she is a true example of hard work paying off! Congratulations, Elise!

Our cheerleader of the month is Ryleigh Dublinske (Eternity/Vivid)! Ryleigh is new to Dream, and all star cheer, this year. She has jumped in with both feet, lending her talents to both Vivid and Eternity where she is universally liked for her good nature and sense of humor — it is rare that Ryleigh doesn’t make everyone laugh at least once a practice. Ryleigh has an outstanding work ethic (she wanted to stay at practice on a day when she fainted multiple times!) and is extremely dependable. Coaches applaud her openness to learning, her always present 100% effort, and her positive attitude. Congratulations, Ryleigh!

We are excited to announce Carly Kravitz (Vision) as our cheerleader of the month! Carly is new to Dream and new to cheerleading. One of our favorite times at the gym is when you see a child realizing that they have finally found their “thing” – the pursuit that they are truly passionate about. Cheer is clearly something that Carly loves and that is something that comes across every time that she is in the gym, or even when we hear about her practicing constantly at home. She also happens to just be a wonderful kid. Her work ethic is fantastic and she is totally dedicated towards becoming a better cheerleader, and helping her teammates as well. With how much she has picked up and improved just from the summer until now, there will be no stopping her soon! Congratulations Carly!

We are excited to announce Braedan Bloom (Eternity/Vivid) as our cheerleader of the month! It is never easy being the coach’s brother (or the owner’s son) but Braedan works so hard that no one ever gives it a second thought. Constantly honing and pushing his skills you can find Braedan literally practicing and working out just walking across the gym or while having a conversation with someone. He never stops (we are not actually sure if he can stop.) As someone who leads with his actions, his transition from flying to basing has been seamless and this season has seen him throwing his full dedication into two teams and always striving to help improve everyone around him. Quietly determined, he continues to amaze not only those of us in the gym, but the entire cheer community, with his spectacular tumbling. We are looking forward to his competitive drive helping take both teams to great heights this season. Congratulations Braedan! – John Foster

We are excited to announce Kat Cheremeteff (Radiance) as our cheerleader of the month! Kat was selected based on her outstanding work ethic and continual drive to improve. Kat has an excellent attendance record and can be found in the gym weekly beyond her regular practice times working on tumbling in an effort to enhance her skills. Kat is truly a team player and when she was moved from flying to basing she embraced her new role not only without complaint, but with enthusiasm and willingness to learn. She can always be counted on to help teammates and is a joy to coach with her positive attitude and the 100% effort she gives at all times! Congratulations, Kat!

Congratulations to our Cheerleader of the Month – Starr Stover (Eternity/Vivid)! Starr continually impresses everyone on staff with her stellar work ethic and attendance record. She has taken on a second team this year and brings her positive attitude and energy to both teams equally. She is one of the most reliable athletes in the gym, not only in terms of her responsibility in getting to practice, communicating with coaches and doing everything that is asked of her, but also in terms of her skills – she can always be relied on to keep a stunt up if humanly possible and to make amazing saves and catches. Starr is also a fantastic teammate and is highly regarded by her peers. Congratulations to Starr! We appreciate everything she brings to the table!