"Over the past 5 years at this amazing gym, it has been such an amazing experience for me. I’ve met many new friends and coaches that I now call my family. I first started my journey at Dream when I was in 5th grade (2015). Ever since, I’ve received great energy from all the people and all the coaches. I first came in scared because I knew i was going to be put in as one of the flyers since I was so small, but I had great people around me to comfort me and build my confidence.
     As I began to go to weekly practices, I started developing a great relationship with my teammates and coaches. All of them have truly and honestly built my confidence in everything I do, no matter what it was -- tumbling, stunting, or learning any type of new skill. I knew I could always count on them to be there and build me up.
     Throughout these years, Dream has become a part of me that I never want to give up because I know I can go far as an athlete with all these amazing people. To me, Dream is my second home, where my athlete journey has started, and where it’s going to end. Being at this gym has opened my eyes a lot. I’m beyond happy that I get to call Dream Allstars my gym!!" - Ansley Thorne, 5 year Dreamer

     "Joining Dream Allstars was the best decision I have ever made! During my 11 years there I cheered on 13 teams ranging from Mini Level 1 to Senior Level 4. Dream doesn't see athletes as a number on a, but rather as individuals that bring a unique quality to each team. The coaches are accommodating, patient, and encouraging. With that being said, they make sure that athletes master one skill at a time, so they're well prepared for the next level. Whether it be an injury or personal matters, the coaches put the wellbeing of an athlete above everything else.
     The staff at Dream go above and beyond for what their job entails. Whenever there were stressful times in my family,
the coaches were always the first ones to show up and help. Whether it be a ride to and from practice, going to school events, or just lending a shoulder to cry on. I was not only taught skills I needed on the mat, but had the opportunity to grow as a person.
     Dream accommodated my needs between high school cheer and allstar cheer, and made sure to always put my overall health and academics first. The friendships I made at Dream are still a big part of my life and we are all family. I continue to talk to my coaches and visit the gym on my breaks home from college. Dream is a safe, fun, and loving place!" - Mary Young, Dream Alumna (11 years)

     "Family is a very important part of the cheerleading experience for my family. And from the moment we walked in to Dream Allstars, we were treated like a part of their family.
     The tumbling instruction that my daughter has received on a weekly basis is absolutely outstanding. And the care and attention the coaches take in explaining not just how to do skills, but why they need to be done a certain way, has furthered her understanding of the sport.
     The coaches are also willing to find the best way to teach each athlete, recognizing that not every athlete learns how to do a skill the same way. I have seen consistent all around progress in my daughter’s skills since she started at Dream Allstars. And the positive atmosphere in the gym has increased her desire to want to improve her skills for herself and for her team. If you are looking for a place to call your cheer home, come see what Dream Allstars is all about!" - Sara Goberdhansing, 1st year Dream mom 

     "When you invest your kids, your time, and money into cheer you are really investing in a family. Dream Allstars is just that. There is no question in my mind that the coaches genuinely care about my girls. They care about their growth both as an athlete and personally. And this is obviously not a new phenomenon at Dream because my children are coached by Dream athletes.
     The Bloom family is incredibly invested in the gym and the athletes. In two years, I can count on one hand the number of times that Andrea was not sitting at the gym watching practices. I have received videos of my girls performing new skills, emails about their progress, and truthful assessments. I have never experienced this level of trust in coaches.
     All of this and skills! The right ones, the right way. Flyer instruction from Jourdan and Braedan Bloom, and tumble instruction like I have never experienced from both Tumble Chef and Mr. Flip. Not to mention the hands-on routine instruction from the entire staff. The progression in two years is none that I would have ever expected from our previous gym. They learn not only from their coaches, but from older athletes in the gym. Everyone is in it for the team. We have found our cheer home and could never imagine cheering anywhere else!" - Emily Khayami, 2nd year Dream mom